Mingling Memories

Mingling Memories is a site-specific installation, exploring the concept of ‘collective history’ as seen through the eyes of the participants of the Artivism project, Armley Mills. During a series of weekly workshops, artists Shari Baker and Kevin Hickson worked with the participants of the Artivism project, exploring memory, to create a 3D mask-like sculptures associated with personal memories and stories.

This multi-media installation brings together voice, identity and visual storytelling, developed through a series of conversations with participants during the creation of the 3D mask-like sculptures. The project uses personal memories and stories to capture the concept of a collective memory and attempts to illustrate what lies behind the public persona of each individual character in this story.

The movie screened above the collection of 3D sculptures, created for the sculptural installation – Mingling Memories – at Armley Mills, UK, 03 May 2010.

Commissioned by I Love West Leeds Festival and Greener Generations.

In collaboration with Kevin Hickson and the Artivism participants. Sound design by Mark Valentine Sullivan.

video and audio installation ~ armley mills
video installation © shari baker 2010
audio © mark sullivan 2010

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