Film Festival Submissions

The Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival, part of the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, accepts applications until the end of July. If you have a short film and would like it to be shown during the festival, at Seven Arts Centre on Monday 30th August, please see the website for more information and an application form. They encourage local film-makers of all standards, working in any genre or discipline to apply. Precedence is given to films with links to Chapel Allerton, Leeds and West Yorkshire. Priority will also be given to films where a member of the cast or crew is able to attend on the night to introduce their film and answer questions afterwards. Submissions must have been made within the last two years and be: in DVD format; no longer than 30 minutes; copies (no guarantee to return films); received by 31st July. Send DVD and completed submission form (with a SAE for returns) to: Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival, 21 Norfolk Gardens, Leeds, LS7 4PP

UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema, CornerhouseA series of fly-posters reconstructing Jean-Luc Godard’s infamous long take from Weekend; a remix of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and a guerrilla-style re-enactment of Luchino Visconti’s Death in Venice are just some of the things art lovers and cinema-goers alike may encounter as they explore the work of 20 artists dispersed throughout Cornerhouse and beyond. Celebrating 25 years of Cornerhouse and produced as part of AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival curators Andrew Bracey and Dave Griffiths present UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema, a large and ambitious group exhibition that straddles two giant bodies of reference – art and cinema – showing 20 international artists. Of note: Gebhard Sengmüller’s Slide Movie (2006). [contact]

Its the 20th anniversary of David Lynch’s epic vision of dystopian middle America – Twin Peaks, was the TV series that changed everything. Heros, Lost, and many others could only be made possible after the success of this surreal series. To celebrate this, Leeds based Artist/curator Micheale Spessa , Artist/ filmmaker Dave Lynch and Emma Bearman are programming a one off event at the architectural jewel known as Temple Works. Temple Work’s frontage is a direct copy of an Egyptian Temple in Edfu, Egypt. The main space used to be the largest room in the world upon construction by the eccentric victorian architect John Marshall. The organisers are not simply putting on an event with burlesque, film, theatre, acoustic, live music – they are creating a small piece of twin peaks where parts of the film will be relived by the people present and broadcast to TVs scattered in each of the venues, Black lodge, Roadhouse and One Eyed Jacks around the site to blur the boundaries between the real and surreal. We want to hear from anyone inspired by Twin Peaks and David Lynch…. Dowload proposal forms at the website

Leeds Met Gallery and Studio Theatre and Light Night Submission Deadline by 27th August. Moira Innes, Leeds Met Gallery & Studio Theatre, g12 Northern Terrace, Leeds LS2 8AG. email to Phone queries Shelley Hollingdrake on 0113 812 9165 or Moira Innes after 16th august. Director 0113 812 3130

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