MAKE: Foam Core Pinhole Camera

WORKSHOP: Making Foam Core 4×5 Pinhole Cameras
HOURS: 1:30-4pm

What it is going to look like [in this case a double slit 4×5]

Note the rubber bands used to hold the film holder in place.

Materials List
Metal ruler, 18″ in both English and Metric
Xacto or mat knife and extra blades
Double sticky tape
Black opaque tape
Black foam core board (usually comes in 32″ x 40″ sheets)
Black mat board, 4 ply (about 1/16″ thick)

Box and Exploded views of camera

Film panel – see Foam Core Back
Pinhole panel – 4 3/4″ wide by 6 1/16″ long
Panel #1 – 4 3/4″ wide by (focal length needed plus 1/2″, i.e. 3″ FL = 3 1/2″ high)
Panel #2 – 4 3/4″ wide by (focal length needed minus 3/16″, i.e. 3″ FL = 2 13/16″ high)
Panels 3 & 4 – 6 7/16″ wide by (focal length needed plus 1/2″, i.e. 3″ FL = 3 1/2″ high)
Extra Support Struts – two pieces 4 3/4″ wide by 1/2″ high, two pieces 5 9/16″ wide by 1/2″ high. These are placed underneath the film panel inside the box to help support the film panel [not shown above for clarity] [can also make an extra set for under the pinhole plane]

Measure and cut panels ,
Mark with pencil on panels 1,3,4 where the support struts will go,
Assemble panels 1,2,3,4 using panel #1 to align to,
Add support struts , and
Add film panel .

Front panel options
Straight pinhole designs, zoneplates and hyperfocal cameras
Multiple holes, overlapped and separated
Double slit and double zone

NOTE: Two front panels needed [pinhole side]. The second panel is recessed into the interior of the box the desired amount for the second focal length. The measurements of the box will be based on the longest focal length used.
See Making Foamcore Kits for a Class

Dimensions for other view camera formats
Here is the hardest part, the film plane plate:

More Links + Info
Detailed Assembly Instructions by Stanford.Edu
Making Foamcore Kits for Class by Stanford.Edu

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