Air Rockets over West Leeds

How to make a simple Air Rocket!

1x length of hosepipe – approx 2 metres long
1x 2 litre milk carton (plus extras when the main one gets squished!)
1x Drill + wooden block (to drill on to)
1x magazine (for making rocket fusilage)
Sticky tape
Cling Wrap
Card (for making tail fins)
1x Pliers – easier to force the hosepipe in to the hole in the cap

Instructions for launcher
1. Drill a small hole in your bottle cap using a hand drill. Wiggle something like a pencil in the hole to make it a little bigger!
2. Using the pliers, fold and squash the end of the hosepipe to make it as thin as possible and man handle it into the hole in the bottle cap. Once through, pull hosepipe through about three inches.
3. Screw the bottle cap onto the milk carton (with hosepipe end now inside bottle).
4. Affix the hosepipe to your shed with piping clips, gaffer tape, wire or whatever is at hand!

Making the rocket
1. Take a piece of pipe the same size as the hosepipe and roll several pages torn out of a magazine, around the pipe to create a hollow tube. Tape down the sides and slide off carefully.
2. Affix tape to the (top) end, poke your finger inside a little (to form a little cradle inside the tube).
3. Using cling wrap, scrunch up a ball and stick it into the ‘cradle’, then tape over the top with a second piece of tape to secure the ball head. (This forms a soft weight for the nose)
4. Cut out and make 2x tail fins using thicker card. Affix to rocket sides.
5. Pop the rocket over the end of the rocket launcher, get everyone to stand clear. Count down from five, and Sstomp in the MIDDLE of the milk carton.

Wooo! Look at her fly!

Original inspiration and more ‘teacher freindly’ step by step instructions!

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