Sat 2 July 11-4pm
Farsley Farfield Community Cafe

Here’s how it works. You pedal the bike and interesting things happen as a result. If you pedal enough, you’ll power up the smoothie maker & taste the results. If you don’t, you’ll be eating raw fruit. Come and see just how much human energy it really takes to power a blender, a scalextric and how much puff you need to keep the music playing.

The Human Powered Shed is on the road, in Farsley for the Great Big Community Pizza Party on Sat 2 July, which is the official launch of the pop-up Community Café and Farm Shop. Make your own pizza in a special outdoor oven, and dip your crust into the free crafty condiments on offer; music, arts and crafts, storytelling and circus skills.

More details here

The world’s oil and natural gas supplies are running out too fast.

The vast majority of electrical power generation is entirely dependant on fossil fuels, coal, gas and oil. The world’s natural gas and coal are running out too.

As we burn up the world’s dwindling fossil energy we also unleash catstrophic damage to the natural environment.

Only a small percentage of electricity production is from renewable sources.

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight (solar power), wind power and water (hydro power) and of course YOU!!

Come and explore our HUMAN POWERED SHED for some crazy ideas on how you can reduce the energy consumption in your home and learn just how much energy is needed to do the smallest things!

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