Three Fun Animation Tools Online

Here’s three of my favourite online animation tools! All three are easy access and cross platform, which makes them great for youth groups and workshops in schools, which are often limited by the inability to load software before sessions!

There are many comic and video editors available on the web, but not many that combine the two so well. Once registered you can either create videos online or download ‘State’, their offline video editor (PC only). Xtranormal provides the user with a vast array of different characters, backgrounds, music, effects and pre-made animations that you use to create your movie.
What is especially good about this tool is that you can control the camera as well as character movements and reactions by using the pre-recorded items in the editor. The editor is divided into three main sections which together make up the final movie:
Direct the Action – camera movements, animations, expressions, reactions
Write the Script – decide on a single or two characters and then type what you’d like them to say
Design the Scene – change set, music and background noise
If you want to create a quick movie and you’re not to fussed about camera angles (you can even get the characters to look into the camera – I love that bit) then you only have to select the ‘Magicam’ which sets up auto camera angles for you.
Once the final movie has been rendered you can send it to colleagues, share it on the most common Social Networks and embed it on your school blog or website – it also embeds well on most Learning Platforms. There is also the option of downloading it as a movie file so you can edit it using your favorite video editor.

Create talking avatars that can be embeded on the Learning Platform or Department website. This clever tool can enhance the learning experience for pupils and can be used in a variety of ways:

Characters welcome visitors to an area on the Learning Platform
Avatars explain tasks to pupils who are working independently from home or in lessons
Great for creating Thinking Skills mysteries where Voki Avatars give pupils info bursts which together complete the mystery
Fantastic for improving listening skills – ask pupils to listen to the character and answer a series of tasks
Give pupils a range of images which they have to describe or explain using their own Voki avatars.
Pupils use their Voki to talk about a book they just read

Go Animate!

There are many good WEB 2.0 tools that provide possibilities for students and teachers to create comic books of various kinds, some of which I have already mentioned in other posts for example ToonDoo, Pixton, Memoov and Pikikids. GoAnimate is slightly different as it provides the user with the possibility of creating talking characters as well as full animations. This tools is as featured-packed as Xtranormal but uses more comix-styled graphics.

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