Painting with Light Stencils

Here is an excellent tutorial from on how they do their light stencils. There are lots more examples and ideas in the light junkies flickr page.

You can have a lot of fun with making light stencils, and whats really cool about them is that they are like graffiti, only an environmentally friendly version!! Eco Graffiti! Whats not to like?

Using Light stencils you can add graphic elements to long exposure shots, and pimp up all kinds of shots. How it works – it is essentially fired in the frame while the shutter is open during a long exposure. Magic and science combine to make sure your graphic remains while the person holding the box stay completely invisible!

Check out the video (by fiz-iks) andhave a go at making a box as just like this one. Using online/open source illustration programmes like gimp and inkwell, you can create a logo or design and then print it out onto fine grade paper – a bit heavier than regular printing paper. Its a good idea to print 2 out and paste them together – but make sure they are perfectly lined up by holding them up against a bright light source, otherwise you’re going to get a seriously trippy effect – which might not be all that bad! To be extra extra sure, you can laminate it so that your design can be reused over and over and not end up ripped and trashed after lots of use.

Start of by setting the flash to 1/8 and see where you go from there – its all about experimenting! Just keep taking test shots to find out what your stencil exposure should be!

Now go out and have some fun! Happy shooting!

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