Getting Started with openFrameworks

Unless you have been snoozing for the last five years, you might have noticed openframeworks popping up in all kinds of interesting guises. The purpose of this post is to act as an aggregate for various tutorials and how to walk thru’s as we work our way through getting started with openframeworks!

The openframeworks site now has a neat little series of tutorials that get you up and running, thanks to the oF community.

Have a look at the intro and getting started sections for a quick overview.

It looks like they might be starting to compile information to write a book, so some of the sections are missing content at the moment – keep checking back as I’m sure the be update process will be ongoing.

For now, the first interesting exercise is the building a particle system. Another great tutorial for particles is on Stephen Braitsch’s website, and a spinoff, but equally fun tututorial on Silvio Paganini’s site. Further readinga dn ideas and tutorials can be found on Willy Chyr’s site.

Greg Borenstein and James George have created a really useful ‘one stop shop’ to house all the latest addons for oF (yay!) with the sole focus of making oF more accessible. You can read about how it came about on Urbanhonking, and check it out in person at There’s even a neat little section covering how to create your own addons!

This post is an ongoing post and will be added to as we work through the various sections of the class.

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