Festivals and calls

The Emerge Festival (Monday 21 – Saturday 26 June) aims to show that some of the best new theatre in Britain is coming out of Leeds. The second edition of this annual event will make a big noise about the great work being made in the city and region. It will provide a platform for emerging theatremakers to try out ideas and connect with new audiences. Throughout the week-long event there will be performances, workshops and showings of work in different stages of development. The full-line up will be announced soon at www.emergefestival.org.uk

Coastal Currents Call for entries. Deadline: 7 June, 2010, 5pm
Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2010 | Hastings and Rother

South East Artform: combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music, theatre, visual arts   Contact: Sarah Yates creativecoastmail@gmail.com

Dys-lexic Connections Call for Artists. Deadline: 10 June, 2010
London Artform: combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, visual arts, Other   Contact: SB dyslexic.connections.uk@gmail.com

Picturing Science. Call for Artists. Deadline : Deadline : 23 October 2010

Seeking artists for science open exhibition, Orleans House Gallery London,
Open to all UK-based artists Artform: visual arts
Contact: Mark De Novellis m.denovellis@richmond.gov.uk
Encounters International Film Festival, based in Bristol
Deadline: 30th June

Watershed’s super-short filmmaking cometition, (part of Encounters International Film Festival), Deadline: 6th September, 2010
Blank Media Collective are delighted to announce a brand new string to our very wonderful bow in the form of a new database for Community Artists and Facilitators. We have been working behind the scenes to form relationships with schools, colleges, community groups and more to be able to offer our wonderful creative peeps this exciting new opportunity.

Instead of having to do all the leg work yourself, that’ll be our job! All you need to do is create an Artists’ Portfolio on our website, upload photographs of any workshops that you have led in the past (making sure you select the Community Arts category), add your Resume (CV) and send us the link to development@blankmediacollective.org. Find Out More…

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