Kids Film Festival Calls

The UK Kids for Kids Film Festival is now seeking submissions of short films made by children and young people aged 16-19, of up to 10 minutes in any of the following 3 categories:

* Live Action  * Animation * One Minute Films

Selected films for the competition section will be screened at our festival at the Empire Cinema in Consett, County Durham during the week of 24th to the 30th October 2011. This is an annual call, check the website for the latest details.

Submission guidelines can be downloaded from the site. Or email for more info.

Make it Happy
Annual technology and creativity call for young people, this year the theme is Pass it On.
There are regional and national cash prizes of up to £5,200 up for grabs for the most innovative, community focused IT projects created by 9 to 11 year olds.
You can enter a project your school is already involved in or has been involved in recently, or start a new project specifically for the Make IT Happy competition. Register on the website.
The presentation of the entry itself should be pupil led and show creative and innovative use of technology. You could present your entry using:

* A podcast * A video * Animation * A radio show * A website * A radio ad

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