Funding Links + Notes

This page serves as a notebook to gather and document links, organisations and snippets of information that I discover as I research content for my monthly articles. I write on creativity, eco technology, education, sustainable living, photography, tinkering and open source communities who re-purpose technology for the greater good!

If you know of any great things happening, or any funding streams that I havent listed here, please do add them in the comments and I’ll incorporate them here!

Opportunities in New Music from PRS

Fellowships Individual Artist
Churchill Travel Fellowships If you are Australian or New Zealander, you might be able to apply to the Australian Trust or the New Zealand Trust.

From the Centre for Research and Development a list of funding organsations. Including AHRC, ESRC, other research councils, arts funding: Arts Council England, The British Academy, The Leverhulme Trust, The Wellcome Trust, and Getty Foundation. Plus european funding organisations such as framework programme seven, culture programme 2007 – 2013.

Local Food + Growing in Community Links
On Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens there are a list of links for community growing projects. They also have a nice section on growing trends. PLus an interesting education section with case studies. Lovely organisation!

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